Will Brockhampton Ever Release Puppy?

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not Brockhampton will release their rumored puppy album. The group first mentioned the project in an interview with Beats 1 Radio, and they have been teasing fans on social media for months. 

Some people are convinced that the album is going to be released, while others think it’s all a joke. No one knows for sure what’s going on, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the boys from Texas will finally give us some new music!

Will Brockhampton Ever Release Puppy?

It becomes clear right away that nobody is immune to lockdown clichés when the various members of Brockhampton, a.k.a. the self-described “greatest boyband since One Direction,” join a little disorganized eight-way Zoom call. Romil Hemnani, the band’s producer, enters first and strolls by his laptop while carrying a puppy before returning ten seconds later with a different, much larger dog. 

After he (the dog, not Hemnani) growls at the camera and before vocalist Joba, as Russell Boring, enters with shoulder-length hair and a patchy beard that screams “re-open the barbers,” there is no time for anyone to chuckle at my “Not a fan of journalists?” joke. When Kevin Abstract, the de facto gang leader, appears, sitting in front of a swimming pool and donning a rainbow-colored dye.

Lockdown’s creative depression has passed them by, according to a 13-person collective of twentysomethings that includes photographers and app programmers in addition to the eight vocalists and/or producers present today. 

Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine, the band’s sixth album in four years, will be released next month, and Abstract claims they made three records before settling on the one they’re happy with.

The band’s breakthrough Saturation trilogy from 2017—created while they were living together in South Central LA set the template for their blend of high-octane, ragged skate-punk energy and sun-kissed pop. 

Each contributed to the introduction of a brand-new “All-American boyband” that intended to combine the gonzo ethos of Odd Future with pop choruses.

They took pleasure in defying the label through their variety, which includes members who are white, black, gay, African, straight, Irish, and Latino, as well as an egalitarian, DIY attitude supported by the lovable vulnerability. With Abstract’s depressing lyric, “I’ve been battered up my whole life, I’ve been kicked out twice, shot down,” riding a hedonistic combination of screaming horns, west coast hip-hop, and screeching alarms.

Saturation III’s skull-rattling Boogie became an early anthem. They were rapidly overrun by a ferocious crowd drawn to relatable party anthems for a despondent youth when they performed it for MTV in blue paint in New York City’s Times Square.

The band seemed to be breaking out of their internet-made cult status and entering the mainstream at the beginning of last year. Although Ginger’s honey-drenched Sugar finally stuck at No. 66 on the US singles chart, it wasn’t for want of effort: the band performed it on Ellen, made a dancing challenge for TikTok, and worked with Dua Lipa on a remix. When I inquire as to why having a hit single is so crucial, I get a typical Brockhampton exchange of opposing viewpoints.

Hemnani is less cautious than rapper Dom McLennon, who keeps his cameraphone about an inch from his nose and prefers to create “culturally meaningful tunes that don’t exist on those sorts of metrics”: “I firmly desire a hit. 

I want to visit a club where everyone is dancing to our music. To hear it on the radio, I want to hail an Uber. But I don’t want it to sacrifice the essence of the products we produce. Leaning against his screen, Abstract. He responds, his serious demeanor giving him a little distressed appearance, “I don’t want a hit.” “I want to create things that emotionally connect with people and brighten their day”.

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