MERLYN! – The Fan Guide to BROCKHAMPTON’s Merlyn Wood

William “Meryln” Wood is a singer/rapper in BROCKHAMPTON, “the most popular boy band since One Direction.” Merlyn is regarded as an intriguing up-and-coming rapper and is considered one of the most unique members of BROCKHAMPTON.

While all the members are known for their many quirky character traits, Merlyn is arguably the most unique of them all. He adds a unique energy to the musical and video production work of BROCKHAMPTON and is charismatic and self-deprecatingly humorous. You’re gonna love him.

Despite popular belief Merlyn Wood is not a meme, but an individual. Let’s get a little insight into the youngest singer/rapper in BROCKHAMPTON, Merlyn Wood.

Merlyn Wood

William “Meryln” Wood wasn’t always a singer/rapper in the popular boy band Brockhampton.


Merlyn was born in Accra, Ghana raised in Texas, then went to boarding school in Ghana for 2 years. However, when he was a teenager the family sent Merlyn to boarding school in Ghana where he developed a love of jazz and ended up playing sax in a jazz group.

After Ghana, Merlyn returned to the States and attended Woodland High School in a suburb in north-central Houston. It was here that he met the other members of the core of BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion and Russel Boring.

He started college at the University of Texas but started to see through the vail of conformity. He gets into this in his solo verse in “Milk.”

He left college and moved to California to pursue music with BROCKHAMPTON. He is most famous as a vocalist with American boy band BROCKHAMPTON.

His energy and shamelessness give him a distinctive and bold role in the group. Merlyn does not shy away from much bigger and more controversial subjects.

Although his lyrics don’t resemble those of Dom McLennon or melody from JOBA his mad, tepid resonator delivers true charm and brings essential sounds into the music.

Merlyn Wood Stats

Full Name

William Anku Krakan Mawuli Andyh Wood Jr.


5 / 1/ 1996

Astrological Sign


Merlyn Wood and BROCKHAMPTON

Although Merlyn encountered BROCKHAMPTON’s nucleus back at school, the group wouldn’t form until years after graduation.

Merlyn’s role in the Group

Merlyn Wood brings humor, energy and dynamic depth to BROCKHAMPTON.

His most remarkable attributes have a willingness to try everything he could find out in his quest to succeed. From cross-dressing in wig and dress to bathing in flower swoops, Merlyn provides BROCKHAMPTONs most creative ideas. The artist captures the feel a BROCKHAMPTON artist strives for in his art.

Merlyn’s role in BROCKHAMPTON transcends the labeled man “hype”. The man has a certain persona in the form of two characteristics that intertwine closely: an utter desire to fail and an utter fear of rejection.

Merlyn in BROCKHAMPTON’s Music Hall

It’s not just an irritable place. The whole process is frenetic. It’s like he was stoking. Merlyn is vocal and adds an additional dimension to the BROCKHAMPTON music. His lyrics may not be as complex as that of Dom McLennon and his melodies are similar.

Merlyn’s short verses are intoxicating and attention grabbing in a way like Young Thug. His verses may not have the smartest wordplay or informative lyrics, but they bring crucial sound ranges to all tracks. Merlyn’s greatest achievement is his variety and cadence.

Merlyn Wood Green Light

The Green light is back. Watch the music video on the song “Green light” by Merlyn Wood, the first of Brockhampton’s breakups.

On “GREEN LIGHT,” Merlyn comes out swinging, delivering a trunk-rattling club anthem over CONNIE’s mid-aughts throwback beat.

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