What Is The Song Sugar By Brockhampton About?

Brockhampton is a hip-hop collective that has been making waves in the music industry since its formation in 2014. They are known for their eclectic sound and unique lyrics. 

One of their most popular songs is “Sugar.” In this blog post, we will take a look at the meaning behind this song and what it means to Brockhampton.

What Is The Song Sugar By Brockhampton About?

The song “Sugar” by Brockhampton is about a young man’s infatuation with a seemingly unattainable girl. The lyrics describe the speaker’s longing for the girl and his frustration at not being able to have her. 

Four out of Brockhampton’s six vocalists make appearances in the song. It reflects the feeling of unrequited love and the desperation that comes with it. 

Although the song appears to be about a romantic relationship, it may also be seen as a metaphor for addiction because the speaker cannot control his yearning for the girl, even if she appears to be unhealthy for him.

Ultimately, “Sugar” is a sad and poignant reflection on the human condition, and our inability to control our desires.

The goal of the song is essential to convey the members’ sadness at not being able to develop into fierce lovers.

SUGAR Lyrics Meaning

Let’s examine each section of the lyrics to BROCKHAMPTON song SUGAR to understand its meaning.

Ryan Beatty sings the chorus

The chorus of the song introduces the conflict between expectations and forgotten realities. Ryan feels alone. He wants the call from his love interest. The only person he wants by his side is his current love affair.

It may come across as a little obsessional, but it’s fine. There are feelings involved, therefore let’s refrain from passing judgment.

On the other hand, Ryan’s love interest seems to believe that he knows everything about Ryan. But in his opinion, he is completely mistaken. If his boyfriend truly knows everything about him, he wants him to know how he feels.

They are hardly acquainted. They need each other despite the fact that they don’t know each other.

They only have to get to know one another; everything else can wait.

First verse: Dom McLennon

The lyric by Dom in this song is quite captivating.

Dom doesn’t trust anyone anymore. The lyrics of Dearly Departed tell the tale of him feeling betrayed by the person he truly trusted.

Dom McLennon thus moves his mountains by himself. He doesn’t ask for assistance or attention from anyone.

When he became involved in substance addiction, he convinced a few people in his immediate vicinity to start abusing these substances as well. Now, he finds it very difficult to adjust and concentrate on his personal life.

Dom even went so far as to ask God for aid, but it didn’t work out too well.

The groupie’s love of illegal narcotics was causing everything around him to fall apart.

The dosage was then gradually increased to remove the ominous gloom of grief.

Later, he comes to see that it is not the way to live.

Matt Champion’s Second Verse

Matt Champion expresses his discontentment with his present way of life in his verse.

He used to be very involved in his hobbies when he was younger. He claims to have been an entrepreneur since a very young age!

He once exchanged money for Jordan shoes. Later on, though, he started to regularly consume illicit narcotics.

He was now exchanging the pricey shoes for entertainment instead of money.

At least he now understands this is incorrect.

He is unable to break his consumption habit, nevertheless. He needs some direction in his life, but no one is interested in him besides himself.

When you pick short-term entertainment over life, this is what happens.

Bearface in Pre-Chorus

But the singer is aware of his gut feelings. He is utterly unstoppable when he is in love.

Even if his relationship isn’t going well, he still makes an effort to brighten his love interest’s day.

He desperately wants to be with her.

LOOK at the point of greatest need. Wow!

Kevin Abstract (Bridge)

Before he became famous, Kevin Abstract yearned for his passport so he could travel the world in search of a better deal for himself.

He is content with his current financial situation, nevertheless.

He now needs a passport so that he can travel with his love interest rather than by himself!

For his sweetheart, he is willing to do anything. Such a fortunate dude.


Personally, I think the guys should be given the opportunity to better their life and experience what they had previously missed.

Guys, give them a chance! Avoid being selfish.

What do you believe the words to BROCKHAMPTON’s song SUGAR mean?

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