Occurs Brockhampton Making A New Album?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about whether or not Brockhampton is working on a new album. The band has kept quiet about the details, but there have been some clues that suggest they might be gearing up to release something new soon. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what we know so far about the possible new Brockhampton album and what fans can expect from it.

is brockhampton making a new album

Is Brockhampton Making A New Album?

It’s been almost two years since the release of Brockhampton’s Saturation III, and fans are wondering if the boyband is working on a new album. 

In an interview with NME, group leader Kevin Abstract said that Brockhampton is always working on new music and that they have “a lot of songs” written for their next project. However, he didn’t give any indication of when we can expect new music from the band.

Brockhampton has been busy touring since the release of Saturation III, and they just wrapped up their North American tour earlier this month. The group will be performing at several festivals over the summer, including Reading & Leeds in August. So it’s possible that we might not see a new album from Brockhampton until after they finish touring.

“We sincerely appreciate you joining us on this adventure”, the band said in a statement. “Without our fans, we would not be where we are. We hope that these past eight years have inspired you as much as you have us. You have a lifelong relationship with us, and our gratitude”.

Every Brockhampton record has seemed as though it might be their last, according to NME.

The LA boyband has always teetered on the brink of implosion since their mid-2010s debut, and it’s this precarious position that gives their music its life and fire.

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Fun Facts About The Brockhampton Album

No one knows for sure if Brockhampton is making a new album, but here are five fun facts about the group that might give us a clue:

Brockhampton was formed in 2015 by Kevin Abstract, who recruited other members online. The group currently consists of 14 members, all of whom contribute to the creative process.

Brockhampton’s music style has been described as a mix of hip hop, R & B, and pop. Their debut album, “Saturation,” was released in 2017 to critical acclaim.

The group is known for their DIY approach to music-making, and they often produce their beats and visuals.

In 2018, Brockhampton announced that they had signed a record deal with RCA Records.

Brockhampton is currently working on their fourth studio album, “Road to Saturation III.” The album is scheduled to be released in 2019.

So, Brockhampton may be making a new album. But even if they’re not, we’re sure they’ll continue to make great music that we can all enjoy.

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