Does Brockhampton Have A Platinum Record?

In a little under two years, Brockhampton an all-American boy band has released five studio albums, amassed a dedicated and cult-like following, and become one of the most talked about groups in music. This week, they may have achieved their biggest accomplishment yet.

Does Brockhampton Have A Platinum Record?

The answer is a resounding yes! Brockhampton songs are a self-titled album that went platinum in 2020, and the group has continued to produce hits ever since. Thanks to their unique sound and DIY approach to music-making, Brockhampton has become one of the most exciting names in hip-hop today.

If you’re a fan of Brockhampton, then you know that they’re always innovating and pushing the boundaries of what rap can be. And with a platinum album under their belt, there’s no doubt that this young group is here to stay. So crank up the volume and enjoy some of the best tunes around – Brockhampton is sure to have something for everyone.

As sales of “SUGAR” topped 1 million units, BROCKHAMPTON has formally won its first-ever platinum certification.

The news was announced by RCA Records along with a heartfelt image listing the song’s accomplishments, glowing reviews, and live performances by the boy band. The GINGER cut has received praise for a number of reasons, including its inclusion on the top pop playlists on  Apple Music, and Spotify and appearances and licensing on Fortnite and the TV show Wireless, and the viral TikTok challenge that featured the dance of Matt Champion and  Ryan Beatty in the song’s music video. The group’s debut on the Billboard Hot 100 was “SUGAR,” which peaked at No. 66 and spent nine weeks on the chart.

GINGER’s fifth song, “SUGAR,” featured two music videos and one remix. The initial video, directed by Kevin Abstract, was released in December 2019 and had aliens, NSFW scenes, and a trip to hell. Its follow-up, released in February 2020, was a more laid-back version that depicted the group performing in a much more subdued environment.

How Many Records Have Been Sold By Brockhampton?

The outcome was the group’s first (and only) #1 start on the Billboard Top 200 Albums list with 101,000 units sold. It was the perfect storm.

What Is The Value Of Brockhampton?

Miss Info, a hip-hop expert, estimates that Brockhampton’s contract is worth a staggering $16 million, excluding any percentages from their touring and merchandise sales.

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