Why Did Brockhampton Cancel Their Tour?

Brockhampton, a hip-hop boy band, has postponed a tour and declared an “indefinite hiatus.”

They will remain apart for the foreseeable future following the forthcoming Coachella music festival in April, where they still intend to perform.

According to a statement provided to Billboard, “Brockhampton’s next gigs at the O2 Academy Brixton in London and Coachella will be their final as a group.” All additional tour dates have been postponed with immediate effect.

Why Did Brockhampton Cancel Their Tour?

After 12 years together, Brockhampton announced on Friday that the hip-hop group will be taking an “indefinite vacation” beginning in April after their Coachella performances. The group also postponed their tour for 2022.

In a statement, the musicians said that “all future forthcoming tour dates are canceled,” adding that “Brockhampton’s” upcoming performances at the O2 Academy Brixton in London and Coachella will be their final as a group.

The Brockhampton team has announced that they will be taking an indefinite pause following these final gigs. They extend their invitation to all of the group’s supporters so everyone can celebrate together in honor of what was just achieved!

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for coming on this journey with us,” the band wrote in a similar tweet to fans. Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be here. We hope that these past eight years have been as inspiring for you as they have been for us.

“We are united and grateful to you for life,” they said at the end of the note.

On February 7 and 8, Brockhampton will perform at the O2 Academy Brixton in London. They’ll also perform on April 16 and 23 at Coachella.

Six studio albums were produced by the ensemble under the direction of Kevin Abstract, including the Saturation trilogy in 2017 and Ginger in 2019. In 2016, they also released the mixtape All-American Trash.

The group Brockhampton has been open about having a shelf life. The band released singles like “Bleach,” “Face,” and the two-time Platinum hit “Sugar.” “We’ve spoken about it since before we even put out Saturation 1,” Abstract remarked to Rolling Stone in 2019. We had always been aware that we couldn’t continue doing this together forever.

“Let’s like make the most of this opportunity and this moment,” he continued. Before we release that final album, let’s see how much of an impression we can leave. Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine, which was released in April 2021, ended up being that final album.

The previous lineup of the group included Henock “HK” Sileshi, Henock “Absolute”, Matt Champion, Joba, Merlyn Wood, Bearface, Jabari Manwa, Romil Hemnani,  Ashlan Grey, Kiko Marley, Robert Ontenient, and Jon Nunes.

Originally, the “Summer” group was supposed to start their journey in late February and make stops all over the country.

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