Is Brockhampton Coming Back?

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any new music from Brockhampton. The band has been relatively quiet since they released their album Saturation III in December of 2017. Fans have been wondering if the group is breaking up, but now it looks like they might be coming back.

Is Brockhampton Coming Back?

By announcing at Coachella that their next and final album will be released in 2022, Brockhampton sweetened the deal on their indefinite hiatus.

The Texas band recently announced that their final performance together would be at the two-weekend festival in California. They performed their biggest hits, including “Buzzcut,” “1999 Wildfire,” “Summer,” and “Boogie,” during their performance on the Sahara stage. 

The performance ended with the band’s logo and the phrases “The Final Album” and “2022” displayed on screens. The news was promptly shared and celebrated on social media by many of the festival’s in-person and online fans. 

The band appeared to be having a good time, and they even made light of their impending breakup by telling the crowd, “This is our final gig ever; we’re not coming back.”

The final Brockhampton record will be released in 2022, Kevin Abstract simply tweeted after their performance. In the past, Abstract has also discussed the album delay on Twitter. The group’s creative director once made light of the fact that the band was delaying the release of the record while looking for new members. 

The ensemble has so far released six studio albums, the most recent of which, Roadrunner: New Machine, New Light, was released in 2021.

Will Brockhampton Play Coachella This Year?

Coachella 2022: BROCKHAMPTON puts on an exhilarating final performance—of all time. At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for Weekend 2, BROCKHAMPTON once more wore jackets that proclaimed, “All good things must come to an end,” instantly shattering any hope fans (or was it just me?) had.

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