How Does Brockhampton Name Their Songs?

Brockhampton is a new and upcoming hip-hop group that has taken the music industry by storm. 

They have released three studio albums in less than two years, and all of their songs are named after cities. 

But how do they decide on these names? In this blog post, we will explore the creative process behind naming Brockhampton’s songs.

How Does Brockhampton Name Their Songs?

The hip-hop group Brockhampton is known for its unique and clever song naming conventions. 

For example, they often give each track on an album a different color or name them after members of the group. Sometimes they’ll even name songs after in-jokes between the bandmates. 

Whatever their method, it’s clear that a lot of thought goes into the naming of every Brockhampton tune. So how does this process work? Let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to naming their songs, Brockhampton doesn’t play by the rules. They seem to enjoy breaking them. For instance, on their debut album Saturation, every single track was named after a different color. 

This was likely done to reflect the album’s overall theme of diversity and inclusion. On their follow-up album, Saturation II, the group took things a step further by naming each song after a member of the group. This time, the goal was to showcase the individual members’ unique styles and personalities.

Brockhampton isn’t afraid to experiment with their song titles, and that’s part of what makes them so special. 

One of today’s most fascinating hip-hop groups, BROCKHAMPTON is led by self-described pop sensation Kevin Abstract. 

The Southern California-based 15-man (and counting) collective of misfits and outcasts has redefined the idea of what a boy band should look like in the modern era, and their music is chock-full of engrossing and thought-provoking hooks and verses, as well as layered with inventive details that can be explored over many listens.

What Is The Opening Track By Brockhampton?

Bet I

Brockhampton’s first single, “Bet I,” was released in January 2015 along with a music video that was directed by band members Franklin Mendez and Henock “HK ” Sileshi.

Does Brockhampton Pose A Problem?

While they were away for two years, rumors of grooming and sexual assault against some of the members circulated on social media; in one case, a fan was discovered to have made up claims to highlight the problem of “fake news.”


It’s clear that they put a lot of thought into the names of their tracks, and each one is meant to add another layer of meaning to the song itself. 

So next time you’re jamming out to a Brockhampton tune, take a closer look at the title – you might just learn something new about the group.

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