Are Brockhampton Religious? 

There’s been a lot of talk about religion lately, and people are asking: Are Brockhampton religious? The short answer is: yes and no. While some members of this unique boy band are devout Christians, others are atheists. And still, others fall somewhere in between. We’re going to take a closer look at some of their songs and see what we can learn about their beliefs.

Are Brockhampton Religious?

are brockhampton religious

Are Brockhampton Religious? This question has been on the minds of many fans since the release of the group’s debut album, “Saturation.”

Brockhampton, an American musical group was formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015. The group currently consists of 13 members, all of whom contribute to the group’s hip-hop, R&B, and pop sound. Several members of Brockhampton had already been making music together for several years before the formation of the group, but it wasn’t until Kevin Abstract recruited additional members from online hip-hop forums that Brockhampton began to take shape. The group swiftly rose to fame with the release of their debut album Saturation in 2017, followed by Saturation II and III in 2018. 

In 2018, the boy band released the single “Boogie”, which was inspired by Jaden Smith’s “Icon”. The song deals with themes of black empowerment and self-love. Jaden Smith has also spoken out about racial injustice and police brutality, particularly in light of the murder of George Floyd. In June 2020, he organized and performed at a virtual musical festival called Governors Ball to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

While Brockhampton has never explicitly stated that they are a religious group, many of their songs contain Christian themes and imagery. For example, the song “Save” from their album Saturation II includes the lyric “I hear my dear Lord callin’/ I better save myself before I drown.” In the music video for the song “Heaven Belongs to You”, band member Matt Champion can be seen wearing a shirt with the phrase “Jesus Saves” printed on it. 

Many fans believe that Brockhampton’s religious beliefs were further solidified with the release of their single “Born Again”, which features the lyrics “I’m born again/ Please save me, Jesus Christ.” The song was widely interpreted as a religious conversion anthem which seems to suggest that some members of the group have undergone a religious conversion, although no official confirmation has been given by Brockhampton.

This suggests that the members of the band are not public about their religious beliefs but that some of them may privately hold some beliefs. It is worth noting that the group has never explicitly said that they are not religious and that they welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Is Kevin Abstract Of Brockhampton Religious?

are brockhampton religious

The short answer is yes, but the story of how he found religion is much more complicated than a simple yes or no. Kevin Abstract is the founder and lead singer of Brockhampton, aself-proclaimed boy band that has been making waves in the music industry since their debut album in 2015. The group’s sixth studio album, “Ginger,” was released in 2019 to critical acclaim, with one review calling it “the best boy band album since One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’”. the talented singer has been open about his personal life and struggles with mental health, but his religious beliefs have been less discussed. However, in the album’s lead single, “I Been Born Again,” he appears to be referencing his recent conversion to Christianity.

The song is a religious anthem, with lyrics like “I found god / When I lost myself.” In an interview with NPR, Kevin Abstract said that he came to Christianity after watching a video store clerk reading the Bible and feeling like he needed something to believe in. “I went home and I started reading the Bible for the first time ever,” Abstract said. “And I just fell in love with a guy named Jesus”. Since finding religion, he has been open about his faith and its role in his life.

The singer also told the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t believe in hell or Satan, but he does believe in heaven and that “heaven belongs to everyone.” He also spoke about how his new faith has given him a free and new perspective on life and music. “I definitely think my relationship to music has changed,” In the words of the musician “It feels like there’s this new light and world now.” Whether or not you agree with Kevin Abstract’s religious beliefs, there’s no denying that he is one of the most interesting and complex artists in the the music industry today and his religious stance has no single bearing on the listening public.

What Other Issues Does The Boy Band Tackle?

Brockhampton’s boy band comprises vocalists Merlyn Wood, Matt Champion, Kevin Abstract, Joba Smith-Oliveran Abdul-Basit Hassan, and Dom McLennon; producers Jabari Manwa and Romil Hemnani; engineer/designer/web developer Gavin Turek; photographer Ashlan Grey, creative director/art director Henock Sileshi and founding member Ameer Vann.

Brockhampton’s music often tackles issues such as religion, homophobia, and sexual misconduct within the African American community. In their song “Save,” for example, Kevin Abstract addresses his struggles with coming out as gay within a black Baptist household: “I remember little homie / Sneakin’ off with little poppies / I was prayin’, ‘God please save me.'” These themes are explored in greater detail on their third studio album “iridescence”, which was released on September 21st, 2018. The album debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 chart with 137 thousand equivalent album units earned in its first week. 

Does Brockhampton’s Sixth Studio Album And Debut Album Have A Religious Theme?

are brockhampton religious

Some say yes, pointing to the album’s artwork and lyrics as evidence. The artwork features a black and white image of what looks like a platinum record with the words “Heaven Belongs to You” written on it. The album’s first single, “New Light,” is a religious conversion anthem, and the group has said that the album is about “born again” experiences. There are also songs on the album with themes of religion and spirituality, such as “Dear Lord” and “Godsave.” However, not all of the album’s songs are about religion. In fact, many of the tracks deal with more personal themes, such as love, loss, black lives, and identity.

The group’s debut album sold 144,000 copies within a week from its release date and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

It is up to the listener to decide whether or not they think Brockhampton’s Sixth Studio Album and Debut Album have a religious theme.


The gifted and bold singer, Kevin Abstract, who is also the founding member of the Brockhampton boy band has said that they are not a religious band. He also said that he would’ve instinctively braced himself if they were. Judging from the band’s lyrics It is clear that the group doesn’t subscribe to any one particular faith or belief system. Instead, they use their music and art to explore different spiritual ideas and themes. This makes them an interesting and unique act in today’s music industry. What do you think about Brockhampton’s exploration of religious themes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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