Why Is Brockhampton’s Album Called Ginger?

There’s a lot of speculation going on as to why Brockhampton decided to call their new album Ginger. Some people think it has something to do with the color, while others believe it might be a reference to the character from The Simpsons.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what could be the real reason behind the album title.

Why Is Brockhampton’s Album Called Ginger?

On August 23, 2019, American hip hop group Brockhampton released their fifth studio album, Ginger. The album’s title track references lead singer Kevin Abstract’s red hair, which he has dyed Ginger in the past surface-level brushes.

Abstract said the album is about “growing up and learning to accept yourself for who you are.” He has also said that the album is influenced by his experience coming out as gay to his father.

Ginger is Brockhampton’s first album since Abstract came out publicly as gay and includes several references to his sexual misconduct incident. In the song “I Been Born Again,” Abstract raps about how his father reacted to his coming out: “He didn’t understand why I had to tell ’em / That I liked dudes, now he don’t wanna see me.”

 In the song “Ginger,” Abstract sings about how someone teased him for his red hair as a child: “They used to call me carrot top / They used to call me gingerbread.” The album’s cover art features a close-up of Abstract’s face, with his red hair prominently displayed.

Ginger debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it Brockhampton’s second consecutive number-one album. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised its confessional lyrics and production values.

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The Color Ginger

On August 23, 2019, Brockhampton released their fifth album, “Ginger.” The album was led by the singles “I Been Born Again,” “Dearly Departed,” and “No Halo,” both of which were met with positive reception from fans and critics alike. “Ginger” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it Brockhampton’s third consecutive album to reach the top spot.

So what’s the story behind this highly-anticipated album? In an interview with Beats 1, group leader Kevin Abstract revealed that “Ginger” is a very personal album for him. He explained that the album is about his journey of coming to terms with his sexuality and becoming gay. 

Abstract said he wants the album to provide hope for other people struggling with their identities. He also said he wants to make music that people can enjoy regardless of background or orientation.

The album artwork for “Ginger” features a close-up of Abstract’s face covered in red paint. It was done to symbolize the blood that he shed while coming to terms with his sexuality. The album’s title is also significant, as Ginger is often used as a slang term for someone who is gay. Overall, “Ginger” is a very personal and poignant album from Brockhampton that will resonate with fans for years.

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The Character Ginger From The Simpsons

Since the release of Brockhampton’s Ginger album, many fans have been relating the album to the character Ginger from The Simpsons.

While there are many similarities, there are also some significant differences. For one, Brockhampton’s album is much more explicit than anything featured on The Simpsons. In addition, the album’s themes of isolation and insecurity are much more intense than anything explored on the show.

However, both Ginger and Brockhampton’s albums deal with similar topics such as anxiety, depression, mental health, talking sad, and societal pressure. As a result, it’s not surprising that many fans have made the connection between the two. Whether or not Brockhampton was intentionally trying to evoke the character of Ginger is debatable. However, there’s no denying that the similarities between the two are striking.

Other Possible Meanings Of The Album Title

When the album “Ginger” by the American Music group Brockhampton was released, many people were intrigued by the title. There are multiple possible meanings for the album title that could be interpreted.

The first meaning could be that the album is named after one of the big boy band members, Ameer Vann and Kevin Abstract, whose real name is Ian Simpson. He has reddish ginger hair, which could be why the album is named after him.

The second interpretation of the album title “Ginger” could refer to red-headed people. It is because one of the tracks on the album is called “Redhead Kingpin,” which could be a nod to those with ginger hair.

The third and final meaning of the album title could be that it refers to Gingers as a whole, a term used to describe people who are considered outcasts or oddities.

It would make sense, considering that one of Brockhampton’s goals is to subvert mainstream culture and create its lane. No matter what the actual meaning of the album title “Ginger” is, it is clear that there are multiple possible interpretations.

Why Might They Have Chosen To Call It Ginger?

There are a few reasons the rap collective Brockhampton might have called their latest album Ginger. First and foremost, Ginger is a spice that is often associated with heat and spice (like some fire we have as “Boy Bye,” “St. Percy,” and “IBBA”) and both of which are qualities that are often found in rap music.

Additionally, the word “ginger” can also be used to describe someone red-headed, which is fitting given that many members of Brockhampton have red hair. Finally, it’s worth noting that the group’s frontman, Kevin Abstract, has openly discussed his struggles with anxiety and depression. The album’s title could be seen as a way of addressing these issues head-on.

Whatever the reason for the album’s title, it’s clear that Brockhampton is a group unafraid to experiment with its sound and style. Ginger is yet another example of their fearlessness.


In conclusion, there are many possible interpretations of why Brockhampton chose to call their album Ginger. It could be because Ginger is a spice often associated with rap music, because many group members have red hair, or because the album’s title could be seen as a way of addressing anxiety and depression. 

No matter the album title’s actual meaning, it’s clear that Brockhampton is a group unafraid to experiment with its sound and style.

Do you have any thoughts on why Brockhampton might have chosen to call their album Ginger? Let us know in the comments below!

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