Is Brockhampton Quitting Music?

Brockhampton fans were dealt a heavy blow on Monday (October 22) when the hip-hop collective announced they were “taking an indefinite hiatus.”

The group announced on their social media channels, “We want to be clear and honest with you all. We are going on an indefinite hiatus.” They added, “Thank you for your continued love and support. We promise to return with more music, art, and madness than ever.”

While the news is certainly disappointing, it’s not entirely surprising. Brockhampton has been dealing with a great deal of turmoil in recent months.

Let’s look at what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Is Brockhampton Quitting Music?

Brockhampton, an American musical collective, is rumored to be quitting the music industry. This rumor started when a fan asked Bearface, a Brockhampton member if they would continue making music.

Bearface replied, “I don’t know.” The rumor started to gain traction when another fan asked Kevin Abstract, the leader of Brockhampton, the same question on Twitter. Kevin Abstract replied, “Brockhampton is not a band anymore.”

These two replies have led many fans to believe that Brockhampton is quitting the music industry. However, there has been no confirmation from any other members of Brockhampton. As of now, it is still unclear if Brockhampton is quitting music or not. Only time will tell.

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Brockhampton’s History And Rise To Fame

Brockhampton is an American hip hop collective formed in San Marcos, Texas, in 2015. The group consists of Kev)” Abstract (Kevin Abstract), Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Russell “Joba” Boring, Matt Champion, Ashlan Gorse Coppage ( Bearface), Joba, Henri Alexander Wisdom tooth” silk” Byfield (Konはす), andROMYr. Despite only forming in 2015, Brockhampton has already significantly impacted the music industry with its unique sound and DIY approach to making music.

The group first gained attention with the release of their debut mixtape, All-American Trash, in 2016. The mixtape caught the attention of music critics and fans alike and helped to put Brockhampton on the map. They followed this up with the release of their debut and last album, Saturation, in 2017. The album was widely acclaimed and solidified Brockhampton’s place as one of the most exciting new groups in hip hop band. Brockhampton released a sequel to Saturation in 2018 and is working on its fourth and final album.

Brockhampton’s rise to fame has been swift and impressive. In just a few short years, they have gone from being an unknown group to one of the most talked-about names in music. With its innovative sound and DIY approach to making music, Brockhampton is poised to continue its success for years to come.

The Group’s Recent Troubles

Brockhampton, a highly successful and popular hip-hop group, has recently gone through some troubling times. Ameer Vann, one of the organization’s original members, was accused of sexual misconduct by several women. As a consequence, he was forced to leave the group.

Then, on May 9, another founding member, Kevin Abstract, revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child. These revelations have resulted in Brockhampton cancelling several tour dates and delaying the release of their new light album.

The group is taking time to regroup and figure out their next move. In the meantime, fans can only hope that Brockhampton will be able to overcome these challenges and continue making the great music that they are known for, but rumors of quitting are also rolling out.

The Future Of Brockhampton

The music world was shocked when the group shared that they were going on hiatus. The group had only been active for a few years, but they had released three studio albums, toured the world, and built up a loyal following.

So what does this mean for the future of the sidebar Brockhampton and hip-hop?

First, it’s important to note that Brockhampton is not breaking up. The group is simply taking a break from touring and releasing new music. It means that fans can still expect to see them perform live at o2 academy Brixton in London and Coachella and release new material in the future.

Additionally, other group members are pursuing solo projects, so there will still be plenty of new music to enjoy from Brockhampton in the months and years to come.

As far as the future of hip-hop is concerned, Brockhampton’s hiatus is unlikely to have a significant impact.

The group was relatively unknown before their breakout album “Saturation,” so their absence will not be felt as profoundly as it would be if a more established artist took a break. Additionally, there are plenty of other promising young artists who are currently active in the hip-hop scene, so

Brockhampton’s hiatus is not likely to significantly impact the genre as a whole. In short, while Brockhampton’s hiatus is undoubtedly disappointing for fans, it is not likely to significantly impact the future of hip-hop.

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How Can Fans Stay Connected To The Group?

Even though your favorite group may be on hiatus, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected with them! Here are some ideas:

  • Follow the members on social media. It is a great way to keep up with their actions and get a behind-the-scenes look at their lives. Plus, you’ll be the first to know if they have other forthcoming tour dates.
  • Check out fan sites and forums. These are great places to find out news about Brockhampton’s upcoming performances or other tour dates and share your love of the group with other fans.
  • Watch old interviews and final performances. It is a great way to relive your favorite moments or find a clue about Brockhampton’s upcoming shows and see how much the group has grown over the years.

So don’t be discouraged if your favorite group goes on hiatus – there are still plenty of ways to stay connected with them!


Brockhampton’s decision to take a hiatus has shocked the music world, but their fans remain loyal. The group has accomplished a lot in their short time together and built up a devoted following. 

Even though they are taking a break from touring and releasing new music, their fans know that they will be back and better than ever. In the meantime, fans can stay connected to the group by following them on social media, checking out fan sites and forums, and watching old interviews and remaining shows. 

Brockhampton may be taking a hiatus, but their music will live forever.

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